Quality Assured Black 3 Pcs Thickened Webbing Door Latch

1 .Tension rope / elastic band end is upgraded with foam cotton, which can be operated with multiple tension ropes together, to protect the tension rope and the elastic belt, and to be at ease in fitness.
2. High-density foam protective sleeve, 3mm thick foam, effectively protect the tension band, and prevent wear at the contact position.
3. Thickened high-density webbing, the main body of the door buckle is made of high-strength webbing, which has stronger bearing capacity.
4. Enlarge the foam door buckle, thicken the foam cover, protect the door frame, prevent abrasion, uniform force, easy to use.
5. The design and manufacture of door anchors are very strong.
6. Use dense but soft foam to fix all belts in all positions.
7. The soft foam end of the anchor helps prevent scratches and dents.


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